Introducing Our Bakery Project

Bread is a dietary staple throughout the world. Whether you’re Malawian or Bristolian, this hearty food, in one of its many forms, is likely to grace your table. However, for remote communities this is not always the case….

Temwa is excited to announce a new project which supports the establishment of bakeries which are run by the community, for the community.

Known as the hunger season, right now is the most difficult time of year for many in Malawi. The rainy season started in November, and with the next harvest far on the horizon, this is a time where many families will limit what they eat in order to make supplies last. Many households will eat only one meal a day or every other day and, sadly, the most vulnerable (children and the elderly) often die from malnutrition.

What is more, the risk of drought, and high food prices, mean that the cost of this season can be far-reaching. This is why promoting sustainable agriculture and forestry is one of Temwa’s priorities; working on multiple levels to ensure that communities in Nkhata Bay North are in the best position possible at this difficult time of year. Our projects range from reforestation efforts, which recognise the importance of trees in maintaining good soil quality, to teaching farmers about sustainable growing techniques including diversifying their crops.

Bakery 1 (dec)

Looking beyond efforts aimed directly at agriculture, we are excited to introduce you to our new Bakery project; which provides individuals with new skills and an alternative income.

The project, which began last year, trains community groups not only in the fundamentals of baking but also in how best to turn this into a business and shared source of income. The project achieved an exciting milestone last month when participating groups from Mkenga and Luwinga received the raw materials needed to kickstart production. Equipped with flour, milk, bread pre-mix and cooking oil, these groups are now able to start supplying their communities with loaves of bread.

Bakery 2 (dec)

Overall, this project highlights our commitment not only to promote food security but also build upon it; diversifying livelihoods and increasing economic stability. This two-tier approach allows communities to become more resilient and cope with the changing climate and droughts.

If you have been inspired by the Bakery programme, please donate here to support this work and get in touch at to see how else you can get involved with this project.

Bakery 3 (dec)

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