The Big Give Christmas Challenge 2019 (3-10 Dec)

Big Give Christmas Challenge 2019

One week where your online giving through the Big Give will be doubled. Every donation will help farmers grow eco-friendly, rural businesses in Malawi. #OneDonationTwicetheImpact.

When: Midday 3rd – Midday 10th December

Where: Online donation through the Big Give

Who: Anyone can get involved, you will need 3D secure card details

How: sign up to an E-Reminder and donate online to this page during the funding window.

Temwa is taking part in the UK’s largest online match funding campaign, The Big Give Christmas Challenge, and we’re inviting you to take part. Last year, Temwa supporters, like you, raised £43,321 during the Christmas Challenge to help communities establish and develop community enterprises and farmer associations to enable families to earn more money from their crops. 

This year, we are focusing on the next stage of our Farming Futures: Growing eco-friendly businesses in rural Malawi project, part of our wider programme aimed at building climate resilience in the communities we work with. Every donation will be doubled to help farmers and families join and develop community enterprises to pool resources, market produce and earn a better income. Read some of the stories below. 

And it’s not just any business. We’re working with eco-friendly enterprises like the Usingini Community Beekeeping Cooperative. Beekeeping provides income from the honey and, as bees rely on forests, it creates an economic incentive for tree conservation. This will make local people more resilient to the changing climate, like recent increases in flooding and drought, as well as increase their ability to save and cope with financial shocks. 

What is The Christmas Challenge? 

It provides a one week window where your online donation will be matched by a long-term supporter of Temwa and The Coles Medlock Foundation who have created a matching pot of £20,000. When you give £5 it becomes £10. Donations directly to this project page will be doubled for 7 days from 12pm on 3rd December #GivingTuesday till 12pm on 10th December. One donation, twice the impact.

Get Involved

  • Sign up for our E-Reminders or set a calendar reminder to your diary or phone for 12pm on 3rd December with a link to the campaign page here.  
  • Have your 3D secure card details ready to make your donation

Please note the donate button will appear on the campaign page when the Christmas Challenge launches at 12pm on 3rd December. Please do not try to give directly to Temwa’s website during this week as it will not be counted – use the Big Give page here

Stories from the Big Give

Temwa has taken part in the Big Give since 2009. The match funding challenge is a key part of being able to work with remote communities, empowering local people to end poverty and transform their own futures.

“Our lives are being transformed now that we have diversified our livelihoods.” – Ward

Ward joined a Bakery established with Big Give support. The bakery enables him to earn an income outside of the fishing season. With a more secure livelihood, he is able to feed his family of TEN and give them a better future.

“My life is changing.. First and foremost I am now able to earn money on my own, while previously I was relying on my husband’s income.” – Eliness

Through farmer training and business support from the Big Give, female farmers like Eliness are empowered to earn their own income, send their children to school and help change their communities.

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