Young Lives Changed by Temwa

Veronica’s dream of becoming a nurse can now be a reality. 

Thanks to the support from one of our incredible donors, Veronica’s life has been transformed through Temwa and she now plans to become a nurse. 

Veronica’s parents both died when she was young. She now lives with her grandparents who are both labourers. This means that they have very little money to support her through school.

She was about to give up school when Temwa’s bursary scheme gave her a chance. 

‘Where do I begin from thanking Temwa?’ Veronica said, it’s ‘like a parent I never had’.

Temwa provided her with a bursary to support her through 5 years of secondary school. A bursary is a full package of all the school necessities she needed including; uniforms, shoes, mathematical sets, pens, hardcovers, measuring lular and school fees. 

Before receiving support through Temwa’s bursary scheme Veronica felt stressed and unmotivated. 

“Sometimes I failed to concentrate in class because of my home problems. I was only coping because I needed education.”

Temwa’s support meant that she could stay in school, and access further education.

“I am not at all distracted with worrisome and stressful thoughts about my home conditions anymore. My whole concentration is on school.”

“My performance has greatly improved. I am sure I will complete my Secondary school I can proudly say that when I grow up, I want to be a Nurse and save peoples lives.” 

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