Literacy rates in Malawi are very low: only around two in three adults, and one in five 5-9 year olds, are able to read and write.

This affects people’s future education and employment opportunities, making it harder to break out of poverty.

Early Grade Literacy

To raise the level of education in Nkhata Bay North, our Early Grade Literacy project develops primary school children’s reading and writing skills. We do this through a range of activities, including after school literacy clubs, spelling competitions between schools, and community literacy fairs.

Usisya community library

The community library in the village of Usisya, which we built in 2007, continues to provide the broader community with access to books, educational materials and national newspapers.

Nick Webber Trust secondary school bursaries

Whilst primary school in Malawi is free, secondary school is not, meaning that only 25% of children go on to receive a secondary education. Through our Nick Webber Trust bursaries, we enable secondary school age children to continue their education. The bursaries are given to gifted students from the most vulnerable families who aren’t able to afford school fees.

In the 2016/17 school year, we’re supporting 31 students with school fees, writing materials, transport, uniforms and pocket money.

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Read more about Temwa’s Bursary Programme in our 2021 Secondary Bursary Scheme Evaluation Report April

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