We Can’t Leave

We Can’t Leave

No battle too big: Temwa is here to stay.

The remote region of Nkhata Bay North is a different place to what it was when Temwa began its work there 18 years ago: people are healthier, better housed and live longer.

The climate emergency, COVID-19 and its fallout are a deadly combination for our community:

  • Children and families are at risk of starvation
  • Lack of PPE escalating cases and deaths from COVID-19 and other illnesses
  • Health, education, farming and forestry services to 70,000 people are in jeopardy.

Temwa has lost nearly half of its income since lockdown – just as poor communities need us most. We need you to help us continue our life saving work.

We urgently need to help farmers to sell their produce and feed their families.
We urgently need to help vulnerable people to protect themselves from COVID-19.
We urgently need your help to secure the future of our small charity to provide vital support to the communities at a time when they need it most.

I want to help.

Leaving before the community is self resilient is not an option for us at Temwa. Join our fight to save lives and livelihoods in northern Malawi. Together our individual acts can change the course of this crisis, save communities and strengthen them for the future.  

Your £4 a month can provide 50 people with locally produced masks. 

An army of people collectively giving £10,000 a month can transform the communities forever. It can plant 110,000 trees, support 1575 people to earn, eat and live sustainably, and ensure five medical centres serving 50,000 people have enough PPE for a year.

Stand with the families, farmers, nurses and teachers of northern Malawi as they find a way to a new normal and build a better future.

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COVID-19 in northern Malawi

As COVID-19 spreads and increases in Malawi, most families’ number one concern is that they do not have enough food to eat.

The combination of the pandemic, climate change and the isolation of the communities means that families are struggling to sell produce and goods as local shops and markets have had to close. With no income to buy food, they are at risk of starvation. Adding to this pressure is that Temwa is the only organisation supplying PPE, thermometers, and hand-washing kits and sharing factual health information to cut through fake news. Other local organisations providing vital services are scaling back their operations or closing due to funding shortages, this has a devastating impact for the communities.

COVID-19 is reversing many of the successes Temwa has had over recent years, as our own funding has been hit by lockdown. We urgently need to raise money to ensure these communities are not left alone in this fight. Leaving at this time is not an option.

Our Community Strategy

Temwa is the last line of defence the people of Nkhata Bay North have against hunger and environmental catastrophe. Funding will help us to:

1. Grow food and forests:  help our agriculture and forestry work to continue to help families grow more, eat more and earn more.

2. Strengthen local healthcare and COVID-19 response: provide PPE, handwashing kits and accurate information about COVID-19 and other illnesses to health clinics and community members. 

3. Maintain business as new normal: keep our core staff team in Malawi for us to continue running impactful programmes that build sustainable communities. 

We are not just thinking about surviving in the now, but building stronger communities for the long-term. Our aim is communities that can create their own futures and become more resilient to all kinds of crises.

Join the fight


Join the people and businesses who are standing with the communities to let them know that we won’t leave them. 

Find out how your single or monthly donation will save lives

Start giving today.


Take on our Go the Distance Trek in Wales on 22nd August or if you are feeling inspired, why not create your own fundraiser.

People are setting themselves crazy challenges like climbing 30 peaks in 24 hours or children are organising garden table sales. How far would you run to provide a community with PPE? 


Get your friends and colleagues to join the fight to protect the people of Nkhata Bay North. Post on socials, whatsapp your people and email your networks. Get in touch with us: info@temwa.org to receive your free ‘tell someone’ pack with email templates and social media guides.

Thank you.

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