Tryson Mbale and Ensuring Independence Through Sustainable Farming Practices

Tryson Mbale, his wife, Wyness, and their 3 children reside in Denthema Village. They make a large portion of their income from the sale of fishing and farming. However, he has been a small-scale farmer for over a decade and hasn’t been able to upscale the amount of crops he produces to grow his agri-business and better support his family.

With the lack of funding through the small scale of his business, Tryson has not been able to purchase agricultural inputs to boost production, especially seeds crucial to crop development and yield increases. Many farmers in Nkhata Bay often rely on unsustainable farming practices which aren’t resilient against drastic weather changes occurring due to climate change.

Tryson discovered Temwa through a community lead project; where he was training to become a lead farmer in Usisya. He has since been in contact to expand his learning with Farmer Field Schools to adopt sustainable farming practices including livestock production.

“Before I started working with Temwa, there were days my family and I would sleep without food, but now things have changed.”

Now, Tryson can produce enough food for his family through the use of different agricultural practices including utilising manures as fertilisers which he learned with the aid of Temwa’s Farmer Field School program. The family were also offered a piglet through the program to help ensure their independence and demonstrate the new skills Tryson has developed. With added security to his livelihood, Tryson now hopes to “build a big and beautiful house” for his family with the added benefit of increased income through crop production. 

“Thanks to Temwa, there has been improved crop production among many households of Denthema Village.”

The project aims to improve food security across households within vulnerable areas. This is completed by peer learning with local lead farmers sharing their knowledge of agriculture and farming skills and the utilisation of engaging in experiential learning and experimenting. Community Meetings, Farmer Registration, Curriculum Development and Farmer Training are just some of the ways the project is making a difference for farmers like Tryson. 

Read more about Farmer Field School in our latest report here.

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