Thank you for giving generously to Temwa

To everyone who has donated to Temwa during the Big Give appeal… THANK YOU!
You helped Temwa to reach our £20,000 target meaning communities in Malawi will receive £40,000 thanks to our generous match funders at the Coles-Medlock Foundation.

Every penny of your donation goes to communities that we support in Northern Malawi. Whether it’s tree planting exercises, training sessions for farmers so they can cope with climate change, or providing tools to beekeeping groups.

Your donation supports people like Estelle…

Estelle is one of Temwa’s Livestock Pass-on Programme beneficiaries. She has a husband and 4 children. In the past, Estelle and her family made most of their income through maize and vegetable farming but this has become harder because of droughts and floods which reduce the amount of food they can grow. When her eldest daughter was selected to go to secondary school, the family really began to struggle financially due to expensive school fees. Then Estelle met Temwa!

“I was so excited when I heard about the news of Temwa supporting communities with livestock for because I knew this was a huge opportunity for my family and the village as a whole”

The rabbits that Estelle received from Temwa breed quickly meaning Estelle could sell the offspring bringing in an income, and during the lean season when food security was rife, her family could benefit from rabbit meat. With climate change becoming more and more damaging to small scale farmers in Malawi, this extra support goes a long way. 

Thank you for supporting us in 2021

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