Temwa Tackles COVID-19 Misinformation

Vaccine uptake increases due, in part to Temwa’s radio show in Usisya.

This week the Ministry of Health and Population in Malawi announced the country is now experiencing the third wave of COVID-19, because of the increasing rate of new infections and deaths recorded over the past seven days.

Officials have encouraged communities to maintain social distancing and regularly wash their hands.

Tewma’s radio show encourages people to wear masks as well as outlining the need for vaccinations.

Only 30 people in Usisya requested the vaccine when the Health Centre received their first doses. This is believed to be a result of misinformation in the region surrounding Covid-19.

The Health Center in Usisya consulted Temwa for support in educating community members.

As a result, Temwa’s team created and broadcasted radio programs about Covid-19. These radio programs are currently broadcasted on Usiya Community Radio. 

Roosevelt Njeghenje, the head of the Health Centre, said, “ Temwa has been of great in the fight to contain further spread of Covid-19 as well as to create demand for Covid-19 vaccine.”

“The radio programs the organisation sponsored have helped to educate people about Covid-19, to such an extent that when the second phase of the vaccine arrived more people requested it.”

Although, in the Khondowe region people are still refusing to get vaccinated. 

Njeghenje explained: “When we were receiving the second phase of doses, but no one went forth to get vaccinated”.

It is believed this region has a lower uptake of vaccinations as the Usiya radio show does not reach Khondowe.

Further action is still needed, as there are still regions the radio show does not reach.

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