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Temwa’s new impact report is available 

Our impact report covering the last 12 months is published and there are some incredibly positive successes for us to shout about! Among others, some of the impressive feats the Temwa Malawi team and communities of Nkhata Bay North have achieved include…

  • A 70% drop in people refusing HIV tests and a decrease of 20% in HIV prevalence in Nkhata Bay North to 13%. The national average of Malawi is 9%, which is still one of the biggest in the world. For context, the UK HIV prevalence is approximately 0.15% of the population (National Aids Trust, 2020). 
  • Over 40,000 tree seedlings were out-planted earlier last year and another 38,850 seedlings were planted at the start of this year. Communities in Nkhata Bay North are passionate and engaged about the climate crisis, because they are the people most affected. And they are working hard to combat deforestation and mitigate climate change. 
  • In our Farming Futures project, 70% of farmers that we worked with increased crop yields. This is due to more use of sustainable farming practices such as organic manure fertiliser from livestock. 
  • 92% of students currently on our bursary scheme, who sat end of term exams, passed! And 93% of reading camp attendees also passed end of school year exams. Secondary school in Malawi is not state-funded and not all families can afford to pay school fees. This accounts for the high rates of illiteracy in the nation. By attending secondary school, children (particularly young girls) can increase their likelihood of breaking out of cyclical poverty. 
  • 84% of households in the two villages that we worked with, now have their own latrines. This reduces open defecation and therefore water contamination. As well as this, 368 household water filters were distributed to communities, increasing easy access to safe, clean drinking water. 

At a time when Malawi has been fighting added global pressures – from climate change, food shortages caused by the war in Ukraine, and the worst cholera outbreak in twenty years – these successes show how our community-driven approach is having a major and positive impact on people living in Nkhata Bay North. 

Read the full report here.

Temwa Malawi team photo
Temwa Malawi team

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