Temwa Protecting the Planet

Climate change is slowly impacting every aspect of our lives. 

The warming of the planet is affecting the way we all live. This is amplified for communities living in the Nkhata Bay North, severely impacted by global warming.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is dylan-de-jonge-9SjCXUq_qSE-unsplash-1-1024x683.jpgClimate Change is the warming effect on the planet. This is caused by greenhouse gases being released into the atmosphere. As a result, the warming then has a disastrous impacts on the environment. 

Global warming impacts are a constant struggle for the communities in Malawi. These impacts include droughts and floods which affect the environment, but also people’s livelihoods. 

Soil erosion, creation of gullies, flooded fields, strong winds and erratic rain are incredibly common in the region. This then result in bad harvests and the destruction of crops. As a result this hugely impacts people’s ability to support themselves. 

Temwa works in the area to support communities in protecting the environment. This is achieved through climate-adaptive sustainable agriculture practices and natural resource management. 

Malinga Moyo, a farmer from Njiri, is one of the beneficiaries that Temwa is working with.

Malinga explains: “Every year my farmland and crops were being destroyed. Directly affecting my harvests.”

In 2020, he sought advice from the Community Lead Farmer, Nathan Thindwa. Nathan referred him to Temwa, explained to plant agroforestry trees on his field to improve soil structure and fertility. 

Malinga said: “This year I did not experience any gully formation and no soil erosion. My farm remained moist – despite the insufficient rains. So I got healthy growth of maize in the field.”

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