Temwa Carbon Balance…

Temwa Carbon Balance is so much more than just tree planting…

Balance your household or workforce Carbon emissions from £7.68 per month. From your kettle to your office photocopier, Temwa Carbon Balance has you covered. It’s so much more than just tree planting…

1. It’s protecting communities from the devastating effects of climate change

“The best thing we can do to mitigate the effects of a warming planet is to plant more trees and protect the trees that we have.” Dr Niall McCann, A Perfect Planet, BBC 1, 2021

Communities in Nkhata Bay North and across the globe are already experiencing the very real effects of climate change. Spells of extreme weather like drought and flash floods are becoming a common characteristic of the landscape in Malawi. The climate emergency is leaving communities more vulnerable to poverty, food insecurity, and disease than ever before.

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Balance your Carbon with Temwa today

Temwa Carbon Balance

2. Temwa Carbon Balance is creating healthy soil that means families can be food secure and send their children to school…

Temwa Carbon Balance equips farming families and communities to plant trees in a way which naturally increases nutrients in the soil and protects fields from drought and floods. The trees you plant mean that not only can more carbon be captured in the soil, but people can grow more crops, increasing food security and their income by selling the produce at markets. When households have a higher income, families can pay school fees to send their children to school, they can afford healthcare, and they can invest in local businesses. 

Read more: When we have trees, we have food. 

Balance your Carbon with Temwa todayTemwa Carbon Balance3. Temwa Carbon Balance is keeping trees that you plant in the ground by promoting community governance…

Planting trees is one thing. Protecting them is another. Local governance structures play a central role in promoting sustainable forest management practices in the local communities making sure that the trees that you plant stay in the ground, bringing benefits to the Earth and to the communities for years to come. Temwa Carbon Balance supports enforcement of local forest bylaws that now cover all of Temwa’s catchment area and protect the trees that we plant for you. 

Read more about our progress from the first year of Temwa Carbon Balance here. 

“Temwa is making sure that the communities are able to protect their environment by planting natural trees, by raising more tree seedlings. The organisation is working with the community committees to make sure they are fully implementing the bylaws that aim to protect the natural forests” 

– Kondwani Botha, Temwa Programme Manager

Balance your household or workforce. From your kettle, to your bedside lamp, to your office computers, we’ve got you covered. 

The average UK citizen uses 6.82 tonnes of CO2 a year, which can be balanced through Temwa Carbon Balance for £7.68 per month, or £92.12 per year. 

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