Short Stories: Spring highlights from the communities

Spring Short Stories


As we move into the Summer months, the team reflect on exciting progress made by local people in Nkhata Bay North. Read our collection of short stories and see how your support is helping communities come together to end poverty and transform their futures. 

The Power of Potatoes

In Malawi, a group of farmers have formed the Manyuzo Irish Potato Group.

Using seeds given through your support, they’ve increased their yields and pooled their harvests to get a better price at the market. They have also found closer buyers and markets, resulting in less time travelling and more time focused on improvements to their operations.

With more income and better time management, the group is dreaming big. The Manyuzo Irish Potato Group wants to become an established potato enterprise, provide better futures for their families and set an example for other farmers in their communities.

Monthly giving enables Temwa to work with community business groups, like the Manyuzo Irish Potato Group, in Malawi. With special thanks to all who took part in the Big Give 2018 and our champion funder the Coles Medlock Foundation. Join Temwa’s family of supporters today.

Enterprises can grow #WhenCommunitiesComeTogether

Making Schools Safer for Girls

With safer accommodation and plans for a new girls reading group, the community is working towards better futures for girls living in Nkhata Bay North.

The building of the Girls Hostel in Usisya is complete! Once the hostel is furnished it will be ready to house girls making unsafe journeys to schools.

Temwa has also engaged two community volunteers to establish a new girls’ reading group where gender specific issues will be addressed and academic skills enhanced. During this session, the community volunteers discussed how to address the challenges that girls face such as early marriages and pregnancies and they developed an activity plan. The mentors showed creativity in planning as they agreed that alongside academic tasks, dynamic activities, such as sports, cookery, sewing and quizzes, will help engage the girls.

You can be a part of making schools safer for girls in Malawi by attending a Temwa event, why not book your team Christmas Party with us or see what else we have coming up

Her future is safer #WhenCommunitiesComeTogether

Beyond Water

How bringing safe water to a village is saving lives and funding a children’s clinic.

The New Salawe Water Committee have introduced Temwa’s Water Filter project to their village. Their inspiring leadership has resulted in engaging hygiene training to residents and has encouraged households to make quick repayments of the subsidised filters they received.

This means that not only are families accessing safe water, reducing disease, but the community are already able to plan how to use the community water fund.

The New Salawe Water Committee are aiming to invest the money in building an Under 5’s Clinic. Children under the age of five are at their most vulnerable to illness and currently have to travel long distances for their check-ups. This clinic will enable children in New Salawe and the nearby villages to get better medical support.

We aim to roll-out the project to more villages in 2019/2020. Help us get there by taking on a challenge why not pedal against poverty or wrestle for humanity this Autumn, places are limited sign up now

Water brings hope #WhenCommunitiesComeTogether

To hear more stories from the community and to see what Temwa supporters have been getting up to, sign up to our Temwa Monthlies today.

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