Ongoing Appeal: Help us to Drive Change in Nkhata Bay North

Help us to Bring Communities Together in Nkhata Bay North. 


Community is at the very heart of what we do. We work with the aim of bringing communities together to drive life-changing, sustainable change, and we need your help.

Home to 45,000 people but lacking roads, internet, and phone reception, the very beautiful Nkhata Bay North is one of the most remote areas in Malawi. This means that it’s very difficult for people to access health care, and children have to walk long distances to get to school. In order to bring communities together and create the change that people really want, we need a new vehicle for our team to get from village to village. 

Donate now and bring communities together. 

We work with over 145 villages scattered around Lake Malawi reaching up into the mountains. The communities are spread across a large area roughly the size of Somerset. The jeep that does the heavy lifting is the backbone of the team which fuels our life-saving work for these communities. As a result of clocking countless miles, the vehicle now regularly breaks down on the steep track roads. This costs money and prevents the team from working. You can help to change this. 

Sharing news, ideas, and ways to grow, our presence as a trustworthy organisation in these remote communities is vital.  To protect the communities from the Coronavirus, support readings groups, and to run AIDs action clubs, we need a vehicle to access these communities.

Donate Today to Drive Change in Nkhata Bay North.

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