International Literacy Day – Temwa’s reading camp achievements

Nkhata-Bay has experienced over a year of disruption to schools thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic. However, there’s good news! Temwa’s Community Literacy project is back up and running and we’re delighted to share with you the incredible impacts that we’ve been able to achieve.

Thank you to our donors and to everyone who has supported Temwa and our reading camps this year!

Here are just some of the things we’ve achieved:

  • Usisya was recognised as one of the best performing education zones nationally
  • In May, 20 of Temwa’s community-led reading camps reopened for learners across Nkhata Bay. An incredible 1,266 people per week attended the sessions. 
  • 38 voluntary Reading Camp mentors have been trained
  • 24 books and 530 journal articles were also donated
  • 1,751 visitors were recorded at the Usisya Community Library
  • 10 school libraries and the Usisya Community Library were furnished
  • 30 teachers and 35 representatives of School Management Committees, Parent Teacher Associations and Mother Groups were trained in delivering library services
  • Local education bylaws were created and have contributed to the wider community valuing and being involved in their children’s education.

You can read more about our community literacy project here.

Reading camp mentor James
“This is a future investment for my community” James Desire Chirwa, Learning Mentor

James Desire Chirwa is a mentor for 149 learners at the Nkhutu Reading Camp in Usisya. He was so proud to see the success of the Usisya education zone being recognised for literacy achievements across Malawi. He has noticed how the attendance at Reading Camps has grown, which he says shows how the communities value support for education and literacy skills.

Thank you to our donors and supporters who help us to continue working in Malawi to transform lives with education.

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