Our happy pace: Why Temwa’s interns are running for Malawi

Our Happy Pace


Meet Alice and Emily.

 Temwa’s fundraising interns, who are learning the ropes of what it means to be behind the scenes of a movement that transforms lives in remote communities.

Inspired by their work, the brilliant duo have decided to take part in our Bristol 10k challenge event and sprint for sustainable change.

We interviewed them about their Temwa experience so far and their motivation to keep running on the 5th May!


Alice, Events Fundraising

Temwa is so close to my heart now that it motivates me to be a better version of myself”“I started interning back in September 2018 helping out on the events and fundraising side of things. I can honestly say it has changed my life. After 2 years of trying different things after graduating from University, I really feel that I have found my passion here at Temwa. I decided now would be a great time to support them in a new way by signing up to the Bristol 10K.

Although lots of people may find this relatively easy… running is definitely not where my strengths lie. However, having learnt that it’s normal for community members to walk two or three days to get to the nearest city, I thought that it was the least I could do and wanted to do something for Temwa directly to raise money for these remote villages.

January so far for me has been all about focus and exercise and I can only hope it stays that way! Having this as a goal in May is what gets me out of bed and into my trainers, no matter how horrible the weather is (most of the time).”


Emily, Fundraising and Communications

“When I run I aim to keep that library running too!”“I am the newest member to the Temwa family! But despite only having started early this month I already understand the huge impact that the fundraising in Bristol has in the communities in Malawi.

My tasks so far have included creating transcripts for our project videos, writing case studies on inspiring people in Malawi, and creating content, using updates from the projects overseas, to inspire people to take part in our challenge events.

One video that really resonated with me was the Usisya Library project:

This was built to provide the broader community with access to books, educational materials and national newspapers.

What always stands out for me within global development, and from my background as a teacher,  is the incredible impact that simply providing an education can bring.

I believe that if a person knows how to read they can educate themselves in any area of life that they see fit. Projects like the Usisya library are therefore fundamental – they not only help teach, but help the communities teach themselves! When given opportunities like this there is no limit to what a group of hard-working, inspired readers can do.”



If YOU would like to join the race for change then check out our Bath Half, Bristol 10K or Hackney Half Marathon challenge events!

If these don’t take your fancy but want to fundraise then check out all of our current challenges here. Or if you want to dream up an event yourself. Get in touch with us on info@temwa.org and we can work out how to make it happen!

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