Goats on a boat and the truck got stuck!

The Nkhata Bay Natural Way (NBNW) project team works to improve rural livelihoods through agriculture, forestry and income-generating activities.

Project participants come from vulnerable households: people living with HIV or AIDS, families supporting orphans, single parent families or child-headed households. Diet is severely limited in Malawi, where protein-rich foods like meat are very scarce. Many of these households have never owned livestock, so this part of the project is fundamental to creating a sustainable income and food source.

For this project, as well as delivering the goats, the NBNW programme now also provides training on how to look after and breed goats, thus providing meat and dairy food sources in the short term as well as creating long-term and ongoing sources of income.

Delivering goats to remote communities

Delivering the goats to these rural communities was a long and difficult task. The 50 kilometres from Mzuzu to Usisya is a mountainous dirt track road, taking at least two and a half hours to drive, and the five tonne truck got stuck three times en route! Luckily, the team were able to rely on help from the local communities along the way, to pull them out of the muddy terrain and keep the truck moving.


After reaching Usisya, however, their journey was far from over! The team then travelled by boat further north and south, to reach the remote lakeshore communities. This had turned into an exceptionally long day, as the team worked late into the night to ensure all the goats were distributed safely. The incredible Project Team was led by Program Manager Kondwani Botha, and supported by Fishani Msfairi, his Project Officer, and other staff working on The Nkhata Bay Natural Way project, which is funded by The Big Lottery Foundation.

Kondwani reported back that 100 goats were delivered to 50 project participants, who were all previously trained on goat production. The project participants fed back that they were very happy to have received the goats and the training and were very thankful for the support.


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