Flags for Malawi

Temwa has teamed up with our amazing festival partners, Shambala Festival to present the crowdfunder Flags for Malawi to raise money to mitigate the affects of the terrible and worsening food crisis engulfing Malawi and much of Southern Africa.

How “Flags for Malawi” works…

  • We are asking our supporters to sponsor strings of flags made from beautiful traditional Malawian material called Chitenge Cloth, for a minimum sum of £10.
  • Shambala will buy the total amount of flags sponsored from small producers in Usisya
  • Shambala will then use them to adorn the Shambala Stage creating a striking and beautiful symbol of their support, hopes and prayers for the people of Malawi.
  • Shambala Festival will cover all the costs of buying, transporting and flying the flags and will also donate £2,000 to the campaign.

All money raised through Flags for Malawi will go directly to Temwa and will help provide immediate emergency food aid and also be used to help implement mitigation strategies to limit the effects of continuing drought and crop failure over the course of the next year.

Please sponsor a string of Malawian flags to raise money to help with the terrible, and worsening food crisis engulfing the country.

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