February, Films and thoughts from our Fundraising Manager

In the first week of February, the Temwa Malawi team was joined by Jo Hook (MD + Co-Founder, Temwa), Stephen Campbell (Fundraising Manager) and a number of our key supporters to see the impact of Temwa 15 years after it was founded.

During the week the group visited projects and met with people whose lives have been transformed through the generosity of people like you. They found people who are thriving with the training offered to them and who are teaching others the skills they have developed. They also saw how there is so much more to do in these remote communities.

february newsPhoto captured by Giles, a trip participant and Friend of Temwa. 

For Stephen, our Fundraising Manager, it was his first time in the field with Temwa. He shared his reflections with us…

“It was an absolute privilege to spend time in Nkhata Bay North where I found people working tirelessly to solve problems of poverty, isolation and hunger. The people of Nkhata Bay North are resilient, tenacious and entrepreneurial in their pursuit of a better life for themselves and their children. But they are working in an environment that is tough, where there is no safety net and where the odds are stacked against them.

The thing you can’t fully appreciate until you visit is how remote and difficult to reach the region is and how vulnerable to the effects of weather and climate. The unpaved road to Usisya, the District’s main village, is so bad that we got stuck crossing the mountains in a 4×4 after just a few days of rain. To us this was a mini adventure but to the people who live in the region this is a recurrent problem that restricts their access to markets, education and healthcare. People in the remoter villages along the coast from Usisya have to walk for days or catch an infrequent boat just to reach the road.

Temwa can’t change the fact that Nkhata Bay North is geographically and politically isolated but with your help we are working with the community to find solutions in spite of these challenges. Temwa’s low cost projects, designed with the community, are improving people’s health, helping them earn an income, look after their land and feed and educate their children. Film-maker Gary Thomas generously donated his time to come and help us capture life in Nkhata Bay North and some of the stories and people behind Temwa’s work. I’m looking forward to sharing these with you in the coming months. ”

february news 5
 Stephen and Gary, Filmmaker, capture a drama raising awareness about HIV performed to a school in Chikwina.
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