Wild Swim Winter 2021

Wild Swim Winter Challenge 2021

Refresh yourself this winter with an icy dip in a lake, river, or unheated lido. Test the water and set your own challenge, whether it’s swimming outside daily or just a one-off dip. Wild swimming can help keep you active and give you something really positive to focus on during this current lockdown we are all facing.

This winter we’re challenging you to wave goodbye to your comfort zones and dive deeper – into icy cold water. Find your nearest lake, river, pond, or safe outside swimming spot and join in with others across the country who are raising money for Temwa. Follow in the footsteps of a fantastic team of Temwa supporters who challenged themselves to monthly outdoor swims throughout the winter in 2018. 

Sign up to the Wild Swim Winter Challenge

Here’s Joe’s story…

“I took part in the first Temwa Wild Swim Winter in 2019-20, and I loved it! It wasn’t easy, especially as the winter wore on – getting changed ready to swim when it’s close to freezing is a bit of a challenge, although strangely the water doesn’t feel as cold when the air’s chilly… But it was really satisfying to raise some money for a great cause, and I can report that everything that people say about cold-water swimming is true: you really do feel amazing afterwards and it definitely boosts your energy and confidence all through the winter.”It’s really easy to get involved with just 6 simple steps…

  1. Find someone to join you or go solo. (Due to covid restrictions you should only meet with one person outside of your household and maintain social distancing). 

 2) Decide on Date to complete the challenge 

 3) Let the Temwa team know by signing up here 

4) Set up a Virgin Giving Fundraising page 

5) Start Fundraising

6) SWIM!

Benefits of Cold Water Swimming

Coldwater swimming provides numerous mental and physical health benefits including helping to boost immunity and reduce symptoms of depression, anxiety, arthritis, and migraines. Check out the following resources if you want to know more… 

Cold Swimming and Mental health

More benefits to Cold Water Swimming wildswimwinterShare your Wild Swim Winter journey…

Once you have signed up, we would love to hear how you are getting on so please do follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and share your stories and pictures.  We want to support you every step of the way!

Use the hashtag #TeamTemwa and tag us using @TemwaUK

Get in touch…

If you have any questions or would like to talk more, you can reach the Temwa team by emailing info@temwa.org

You’ve got this! Happy Swimming!

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