Totally Toto Africa Tour

Totally Toto Africa for Temwa Tour!

November + December 2018

Venues across the UK

Originating from a SOLD OUT Bristol-based event, DJ Michael Vinyl presents Totally Toto Africa at the Exchange, venue’s across the UK will now be playing ‘Africa’ by Toto on repeat whilst raising funds to reduce poverty in remote communities. Michael himself is joining some legs of the tour!

The event went viral and has appeared in various media outlets such as BBC and The Guardian, the news has even spread to other countries including Finland, USA and Australia. It hasn’t gone unnoticed by Toto either…as Steve Lukather responded to this fundraiser via Twitter.

DJ, Michael Savage, who owns Prime Cuts record store in Bristol on Gloucester Road, has been the brains behind all this madness and in the BBC news article refers to the song as a ”guilty pleasure” saying “If I am going to be remembered for anything I want it to be this”.

Look out for your closest city on the Tour dates, tickets below:

Calling all venues!

Can’t see your city on there?

Get in touch with your favourite venue and get them to register to host the event!

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Venues are hosting their own Totally Toto Africa nights in aid of Temwa. You can still:

1) Pay not to attend – not your thing? Donate to not go, click on the tickets below.

2) Get sponsored for how long you can survive the dancefloor. Sign up here.

Any questions about sponsorship? Contact

Links to tickets are below:

15th November, The Lexington, London

Head to this top London venue in Islington, if the song alone wasn’t enough, £5 for London entry and it going to charity makes it a night not to miss. Tickets available on Dice.

30th November, Exchange, Bristol ft, DJ Michael Vinyl

The original night is selling out for advance tickets, you can get them on entry once people have had their fill, more here. Nearby venues include Birmingham, Bath + Cardiff tbc.

30th November, Melbourne, Australia

For any Toto fans in the land down under, Data Runs Deep will be playing ‘Africa’ on repeat from 8:30am – 16:30 pm. Pop in for a listen or donate to stay away from their office!

1st December, The Mill, Birmingham ft. DJ Michael Vinyl

This isn’t a run of The Mill event, at this quirky venue in Digbeth enjoy back to back ‘Africa’ in a mezzanine level warehouse, with a roof terrace for a much needed breather. Buy tickets.

8th December, Plug, Sheffield, ft. DJ Michael Vinyl

Plug into one night of all-out Toto Africa. Cure what’s deep inside and flock to the number one Live music and nightclub in Sheffield. Make an impact, buy tickets here.

More venues including Newcastle, Guildford, Cardiff and Bath are being confirmed.

Add yours to the list here. 


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