Parched March 2020 – The Water Challenge

Parched March

This year’s Parched March water challenge aims to see an additional 500 people gain access to safe water in Northern Malawi. Every £5 raised can provide a person with a clean supply of water for 3 years. Do something different this Spring and contribute to life-saving change in communities in Nkhata Bay North.

The Lake Malawi Challenge: Challenge your self to drink only water for 1 month.


The Livuwu River Challenge: Raise awareness during World Water Week and walk for at least 3o minutes every day for 1 week carrying 20kg.

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When: 1st March- 31st March

What: Choose either the Lake Malawi Challenge or the Livuru River Challenge

Who: Anyone, Any Age, Anywhere

Minimum sponsorship target: £155 (that’s only £5 per day)

How to Get Involved? 

The Lake Malawi Challenge 

Drink only water for 1 month. No fizzy drinks, no coffee, no alcohol. Just WATER.

“I am truly finding it harder than I thought. I guess when I’ve given up alcohol before, I’ve always substituted with tonic water, nice elderflower, ginger drinks – we have so many wonderful options in the UK of non-alcoholic drinks. But water just genuinely seems a bit boring after even two weeks!! And I can’t even talk about coffee – I really miss it!!” ⠀

Mary, Parched March Champion 2019

The Livuwu River Challenge

On average in Northern Malawi, a person walks for half an hour each day to reach water. To raise awareness for World Water Day we’ve introduced a new challenge to Parched March.  Walk in the shoes of a resident of Nkhata Bay. Starting on the 22nd of March, for 1 week, walk for at least 30 minutes every day carrying 20 Kg on your back, representing the journey a person must take if they live without clean water.

Your Impact

In the UK and countries alike, we’re spoilt for choice with the types of drinks we have available to us. Whether it’s sticking the kettle on after a long day or grabbing a coffee with a friend, we love to drink.  In Northern Malawi, the picture is a bit different. Without proper infrastructure and being isolated from urban areas, in Nkhata Bay North most families have to go without clean water. Washing and drinking river water is an everyday fact of life for most. This exposes people to diseases that are often deadly, such as diarrhea and Cholera.

Temwa’s mission is to increase access to life-changing water-filters. Thanks to your support communities are able to filter the once unsafe water giving them clean drinking water. Not only does this reduce unnecessary deaths, but it’s also preventing children from missing school due to illnesses, and it’s helping adults to earn a better living by benefiting from better health.

Not only are you transforming lives in Malawi by supporting this work, but there are also health benefits for you! Drinking more water leads to increased concentration, better skin, and saves you money from all the coffee you would be buying!

Challenge Accepted – Sign Me Up!

1. Sign Up to Take Part 

With one to one guidance, we’ll provide you with fundraising advice and tips for how to make the most of Parched March.

2. Start Fundraising 

Start by setting up your Virgin Money Giving page. This is a great way to track how much you’re raising and will keep your supporters updated on the challenge and where your money is going.

3. Share Your Challenge 

Make the most of your social media and share your Virgin Money Giving page with your friends. Share your photos, videos, and stories of the month and don’t forget to mention @TemwaUK on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Make sure you use #ParchedMarchDiary, #TeamTemwa so we can follow your progress. This is a great way to raise awareness and also gain more support from your followers.

Need more information or support during your challenge? Call the office on 0117 403 1426 or email

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