Flights for Food

Flights for Food.

Climb Kilimanjaro, raise money for Temwa, help farmers get through the rainy season. All from your own home.

Across the border from Malawi in Tanzania, sits the world’s tallest free-standing mountain. In 2014,  Temwa supporters climbed the snow-capped peak, raising money to fund Temwa’s work in Nkhata Bay North. Climbing Kili is a little trickier these days with everything going on, so we’re bringing the challenge to you in your own home.

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How does it work?

Kilimanjaro is 5,895 metres tall, your average staircase is 2.5 metres.

For a household of 4 to reach the height of Kilimanjaro, each person needs to climb the stairs 150 times every week for 4 weeks.

Or you can make the challenge a bit easier and join a team of households across the UK to complete the challenge in one day! With 20 households taking part (each with 4 people), each person would only need to climb the stairs 73 times in one day! 

Once you’re signed up, you’ll receive one to one support on how to complete your challenge and how to fundraise.

How much can you raise?

A team of 20 households raising £150 each can support 5,250 people in Malawi that are vulnerable to food shortages this year.

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We’re encouraging people to raise money to support farmers in Malawi to grow food this rainy season, read below to find out more…

Support Farmers during the Upcoming Rainy Season

Temwa has been providing support to farmers in Nkhata Bay North for over a decade. This means helping the poorest people in this community – people who rely on a small patch of land to grow all of their food for their entire family. Many families go severely hungry each year. In recent years deforestation and climate change have shortened the rainy season – making it even harder for people to survive.

Temwa’s agriculture and forestry programme has helped people make use of their natural environment to improve crop yields through sustainable agriculture – including organic manure-making and agro-forestry. This has helped thousands of families become more food secure, they have gone from eating one meal a day to three nutritious meals every day. Our tree planting work protects and preserves soils and we have supported farming groups to grow new crops & sell them at local markets.

However, the coronavirus lockdown has severely affected Temwa’s ability to raise funds.  The hidden cost of the virus is the disruption it has caused to local food distribution networks and livelihoods – people in our community are once again more concerned about their families going hungry than the COVID 19 virus. An emergency appeal for Temwa has helped offset income we lost from festivals and fundraising events, enabled us to provide PPE, training, soap and public health information in the community. The appeal has secured the future of the charity – meaning we can raise funds to support projects in the future. However, all our programmes funding has been hit, including our agricultural programme. 

Raise money for Temwas agricultural programme by taking part with ‘Flights for Food’ and get sponsored to climb the height of Kilimanjaro from your own home. 

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Follow us on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram then share what you’ve been up to: from that first training run to crossing the finishing line, we want to support you every step of the way!

Use the hashtag #TeamTemwa and tag us using @TemwaUK

Get in touch…

If you have any questions or would like to talk more, you can reach the Temwa team by emailing

You’ve got this! Happy climbing!

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