East Bristol Auctions LIVE online art auction

When: 14-30th November

Where: Online at East Bristol Auctions, with a live online event from 7pm on 30th November

How: Click here to view the catalogue.  

3dom lot 24

Artwork by 3Dom (Lot 24)

Temwa has once again been invited to participate in East Bristol Auctions online contemporary and street art auction!
Bidding is now open online and will finish on 30th November. Temwa will receive 100% of sales from 25 pieces submitted to the auction with the support of our loyal band of artists.
You could win a unique piece of artwork in time to make someone’s Christmas very special (maybe even your own!). Thank you to all the artists who donated, including Will BarrasBex GloverAdam KoukoudakisJoe PeelToaster and Dicy, amongst others. 
Click here to see the full auction catalogue and bid on some fantastic artwork!
Artworks featured by artists in the main image left to right: Toaster, Will Barras, Bex Glover, Adam Koukoudakis, Joe Peel and Dicy. 

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