The BIG Give Christmas Challenge: 27th Nov – 4th Dec

Double Your Donation

Over one week, all online donations made to Temwa through the Big Give will be doubled, meaning one donation creates TWICE the impact. 

All year round, remote farmers struggle to access markets on their own. But this Christmas, your doubled donation will change their lives. It will provide market access to increase their earnings. Also, you’ll help to stop deforestation, a process which has devastating impacts on communities.

When: 12pm 27 November – 12pm 4th December

Where:  Temwa’s Big Give Profile

Restrictions: Donations are doubled for only one week and when given online, through the Temwa’s Big Give Profile. If matched funding reaches £20,000 then donations after this point will no longer be doubled, but you will still be able to donate.Big Give

In the communities where we work, almost all families rely on farming to make a living. Their incomes are often extremely low and 2 in 5 people live off less than £1 a day. As a result, many people don’t have access to regular, nutritious food.  The effects of deforestation, unpredictable weather and decreasing soil quality only add to the problem.

Therefore, Temwa works with local farmer’s to help improve their techniques so they can grow more varied crops. Now, Temwa wants to improve farmer’s access to markets. Providing this access means farmers can sell their produce and earn more money. For example, if farmers have more money they can afford:




-School Fees

-More seeds

-More land

Certainly, the opportunities of earning more money are endless. Most importantly, farmers can start to lift themselves out of poverty and create better futures for themselves and their families.

How to get involved

This week, every donation is matched pound for pound; £50 is doubled to £100. Therefore, the possibilities of gifts will go even further to transform lives. You can give online to Temwa’s project between midday 27th November – Midday 4th December. If you would like to join our Big Give family you can sign up to email reminders or ask any questions by emailing 

Share your Big Give journey

If you choose to donate through the Big Give, feel free share this opportunity to others. While on social media you can tag us using @TemwaUK or use hashtags #TeamTemwa #OneDonationTwiceTheImpact.

See how Temwa’s Farming Training Programme is training farmer’s in Malawi:

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