Double your Donation: Eradicate Poverty in Malawi

 Twice the Impact

On International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, we want to celebrate the progress being made to chase zero people living in poverty. Temwa is pleased to be contributing to a future where all people, including those living in the hardest to reach areas, have a better standard of living and the opportunity to build a better future. Be part of this, by joining Temwa and the global movement to end poverty. For one week in November, your donation will be doubled (through the Big Give) read on to find out how. 

Over recent years, there has been tremendous progress in the eradication of poverty. Since 2000, worldwide campaigns and coordinated efforts towards the Millennium Development Goals have helped reduce global poverty by over 50%. For Temwa, the past 15 years has also seen milestones in reducing poverty in remote communities of Northern Malawi, these include; training over 5,000 farmers to grow additional vegetable crops and planting over 1,000,000 trees.

However, 783 million people remain below the international poverty line, which is just US $1.90 per day. Alarmingly the World Bank reports that the rate of poverty reduction is slowing down. In Malawi, two in every five people still live on less than £1 a day. With your help, Temwa can change this.

Remote communities are often the most neglected and the worst affected by poverty. Their isolation makes supplying resources and providing access to markets and services extremely difficult. Moreover, increasing climate shocks threaten to destroy hard-earned livelihoods. Where Temwa works, it can take up to nine hours of walking just to reach the nearest health centre. That is why we are committed to working with some of the most hard to reach areas to build self-sufficiency and create better futures.

Over the last 15 years, it has been evident that the cycles of poverty and challenges faced by poor and remote communities are linked and negatively reinforcing. For example, improving access and quality of education can only be beneficial when children are well enough to attend – meaning they need healthcare, clean water and regular nutritious meals. Similarly, whilst people may understand the need to stop deforestation, they will still cut down and sell wood if they need to feed their families.

To make lasting change, we partner with the communities and work through local structures to tackle the interlinked causes and cycles of poverty simultaneously.

To address the devastating impacts of deforestation, passing laws and planting new trees is not sufficient alone – the communities also require support to boost incomes. We are launching the next stage of our agriculture and forestry project to focus on building climate resilient communities through sustainable livelihoods. Temwa will be working with farmers to form groups where they can learn to set up small businesses and market their products better. Increased income will help stop trees being cut down. Simultaneously, we will continue to work with the communities to plant more trees and enforce laws protecting forests.

With your support, Temwa has already helped create great change within the communities we work with, but there’s still more to do and here’s a simple way to help..

Double your Donation this November!

 You can help eradicate poverty when you give online to Temwa through the The Big Give during the Christmas Challenge week. Between midday 27th November – midday 4th December, your donation will be matched pound for pound. This means if you give £50, the resulting £100 will enable over 200 trees to be planted.  Please set a reminder on your phone or calendar, and follow this link to our project page to find out what you will be supporting.

Join our Big Give family and we will send you a few reminders and instructions on how to give, as well as sharing stories from people’s lives you will be helping to transform, email to be added to the list and ask any questions.

Using the Big Give with Temwa, this Christmas you can give the gift of improving families’ lives in remote communities.

One donation, TWICE the impact.

Find out how your money has made a difference, read our latest Annual Accounts (2017)

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