Bristol DJ legends support Temwa’s festival crowdfunder!

Check out Bristol DJ legends John StapletonDJ Die, Clive from Dr Meaker and Rob from DJ-Kicks: Smith & Mighty on Temwa’s festival crowdfunder

There are tickets for the epic Boomtown Fair, Shamabala Festival and Bestival up for grabs! Donate to Temwa’s festival crowdfunder today and you could win pairs of tickets to these awesome festivals – it’s as simple as that!

DJ legends support Temwa’s festival crowdfunder! from Temwa on Vimeo.

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What are we crowdfunding for?

Currently, Malawi is experiencing a severe food shortage. In 2016, the country’s President, Peter Mutharika, declared a ‘national state of disaster.’ Since that declaration, the situation has remained dire with around six and a half million people across the country still unable to meet their annual minimum food requirements.

In Nkhata Bay North, where we work, the drought experienced throughout 2016 has resulted in a meagre harvest, leaving families across the district without food to eat, or any extra crops to sell for a small income. In turn, per capita income is steadily declining in Malawi, while food prices have rocketed to 172% above the five-year average. To make matters worse, communities have also faced flash flooding, ruining crops that were beginning to grow. Malnutrition, and death, are both very real consequences of this crisis.

Difficulties we face

The difficult terrain surrounding the communities in which we operate means that nationwide operations to help subsistence farmers often don’t reach enough people. Our mission is to ensure that we can continue our work, and in doing so ensure the survival of these hard-to-reach communities. The crisis is ongoing, but the worst may be yet to come, such is the unpredictability of weather patterns in this region.

The solution

While droughts cannot be prevented, our work in Malawi helps to prepare communities to cope through food crises. In 2016, we instigated an emergency food distribution intervention that reached 1000 households in response to food shortages. However, we recognise that mere aid distribution is not a long-term strategy. For this reason, throughout the year we also made huge progress in increasing crop yields through training in farming methods, as well as conducting awareness and training sessions on climate change adaptation – activities that have reached 3500 people to date. Our goal is to ensure that the communities we serve are trained in sustainable agricultural practices, as well as having all of the tools necessary to survive future crises, and lift themselves out of poverty.

But we cannot do this without your support

So, we are asking each of you to make a donation to our campaign. The money raised will go directly to supporting communities currently living through a worsening food crisis, and will help us to ensure that each individual has the resources they need to live a long and fulfilling life.

And, by donating to our campaign, you will have the chance to win tickets to some of the UKs best music festivals. This is our way of saying “thank you” to you for supporting our mission.

Please help us to create a new future for the people of Malawi; a future without hunger. 

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