Prevent the spread and help vulnerable communities respond to COVID-19 in Malawi, donate today.

In Nkhata Bay North, people are at risk from the spread of Coronavirus. Many have low immune systems (caused by HIV, poor nutrition, and preventable diseases) and families are dependent on communal farming.

Your support over the last 17 years has helped build resilience and improve sanitation. However, the communities are now facing a crisis. Families need urgent support to understand how to protect themselves. Communities and health centres need simple things like soap, gloves and masks to prevent the virus spreading.

The situation in Malawi is critical. There are a reported 25 ICU beds in public hospitals, serving 17 million people. Intermittent electricity means under-resourced hospitals and clinics face risks of equipment failure as well as overcrowding.

Your donation will enable our team to work safely with the district health services and provide masks, soap, washbowls and other essential supplies. We’ll also be distributing emergency hygiene awareness guidance to families using local radio channels.

Every donation will be matched, bringing urgent health and sanitation kits to community health services and vulnerable families in high risk areas.

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