The Climate Crisis is happening now

Living with climate change in Nkhata Bay North

For some of us in the UK, climate change is a problem for future generations, but in Nkhata Bay North, it’s happening right now. Extreme weather events are becoming more common, which means more erratic rainfall, more severe droughts, and a greater variety of pests are all becoming a part of everyday life for many Malawians. Not only is the climate crisis changing the landscape, but it is also costing lives. 

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Climate Change

These changes are driven by global warming but also by local deforestation. Poverty in rural Malawi means that people depend on trees for energy to fuel their homes, as well as to sell to make an income where there are few other options. Local deforestation in the river valleys has led to the drying up of water sources which in turn impacts agriculture and people’s ability to grow food. With 90% of people being farmers and dependent on the food they grow to eat, this has widespread and severe impacts. 

Deforestation, which in turn feeds the climate crisis, means the soils lose their nutrients as well as water. When rain-fed crops like maize fail, it doesn’t just lead to food shortages for the farmers growing them, but for the country as a whole as food prices are driven up. It’s therefore crucial to find strategies to help communities to: 

  1. Adapt to the already changing climate in Nkhata Bay North.
  2. Find new ways for the people to earn an income to protect the existing forests.
  3. Prevent further climate change from happening by planting even more trees. 

The climate crisis

Temwa Carbon Balance is doing all 3. 

With your support, we can continue supporting communities to be resilient against the climate crisis. We’re doing this by introducing sustainable farming methods, diversification of crops and diversification of income sources to include different forest-friendly livelihoods such as beekeeping and a small livestock exchange initiative.

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Lovemore’s story: 

“Climate change threatens the way we live, we need more trees. We used to have good forests but they are disappearing.”

These are the words of Lovemore Mughoho from the village of Bununkhu. He is the chairperson of his local Village Development Committee, a locally elected structure under the district council that is responsible for implementing development activities in their area. Lovemore told Temwa how the climate crisis means that the weather is getting worse, and deforestation makes the only road in the region even harder to use. This means it is not easy to make money to live. “We are planting trees and we have laws against deforestation, but we need more. We want to build mountain road blocks, so we can catch people who are cutting down trees. Our village wants to regenerate the forests.”

Support people like Lovemore today and Balance your CarbonThe climate crisis

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The climate crisis

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