Celebrating World Teachers’ Day

The 5th of October is World Teachers’ Day

Today we are celebrating the passion and dedication of the teachers that we work with. Temwa works hand in hand with teachers at both primary and secondary schools to help promote access to education in Nkhata Bay North. Let’s meet a couple of the brilliant teachers we partner with…

Mr Mtonga

Mr Albert Mtonga is the head teacher at a primary school in Usisya and has been teaching for thirteen years. He joined the profession to help children to read and write, invaluable skills which provide them with a strong foundation for their lives. Mr Mtonga is also on the organising committee for the Spelling Bee Competitions (SBC) and, through the Usisya library, has been trained on computer literacy.

Mr Mtonga has seen the positive impact that Temwa’s programmes have had on both education and teaching. He notes that initiatives such as Early Grade Literacy, Spelling Bee Competitions, and library support provide learners with a good reading environment and resources to help them to concentrate on their studies. As a result, Mr Mtonga has seen a significant change in the student’s reading and writing ability. What is more, the Spelling Bee competition encourages the teachers to deliver a quality education to their students, as they would like to see their students perform well at the event. 

I appreciate Temwa for coming up with such initiatives because it is complementing the government efforts of promoting basic education. This is a good drive towards boosting literacy levels amongst learners in the region of Usisya’


Mr Mtegha

Mr Matthews Mtegha is a deputy head teacher of a school in Bua and has been involved in Temwa’s Early Grade Literacy (EGL) and Library projects. As a result, Mr Mtegha and other teachers at the school have been trained in key EGL teaching practices and greatly appreciate the significance of this early stage of learning. It is the belief of Mr Mtegha that the EGL project allows children to begin reading from an early age. 

The success of the EGL programme is thanks in part to the library projects which run alongside. Access to library facilities has reduced the burden on teachers and learners who previously struggled to access information. Additional support, in terms of both teaching and facilities, has helped to increase the performance of learners.

“We are proud to have such organisation in our society that is encouraging and supporting the promotion of improved education to our next and current generation. We are proud of this.”

If you share their passion for improving education in the remote communities we work with, donate here today. Just £20 can equip a class with textbooks and key resources. 

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