Celebrating our Health projects this World AIDS Day

Today is World AIDS day, a day to spread awareness and knowledge about a disease which has had devastating impacts across the world, not least in Malawi where we work.

16% of the population in Nkhata Bay North, the northern district of Malawi that Temwa serves, are HIV positive. That means nearly every family is affected one way or another as communities in rural areas are still very much based around extended families.

The effects of HIV were in fact what inspired our Managing Director to co-found Temwa back in 2003 and ever since we started, we’ve run Health projects that raise awareness of the disease and prevent its spread, as well as support those who are HIV positive.

This year so far we have tested 1779 people, run eight HIV Support Groups and five Teen Clubs, and our Peer Educators go from strength to strength. We’re also really excited as we’re soon to launch a big project with Management Sciences for Health (MSH) that will enhance access and quality of HIV Testing and Counselling, Early Infant Diagnosis, Viral Load and other HIV care services in northern Malawi.

Awareness of HIV and the knowledge of how to prevent its spread as well as care for those living with it, has increased enormously since World AIDS Day started back in 1988 but there is still a way to go. And we’ll be doing all we can to help.

If you’d like to support our vital work in northern Malawi, please donate and help us save and support lives.

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