WASHing away water borne diseases: Meet Frag

Frag Chunda

This is Frag Chunda, a local fisherman in Livuwu village, which sits on the shores of Lake Malawi. Frag’s life was recently transformed. From experiencing regular sickness to becoming a community influencer, Frag is spreading the word about water and sanitation.

Frag lives with his wife, 4 children and 5 grandchildren in a house roofed by iron sheets and with a cement floor. Their main source of income is fishing; he catches the fish (usipa) and his wife sells it.

However, fishing is seasonal and they have to carefully spend their income throughout the year. Before Temwa introduced the Water Filter Project to Frag’s village, Frag’s family struggle to make ends meet and survive was made worse by sickness. His family regularly got ill from drinking unsafe water and had little to cover the costs of medication. Life was very difficult.

Surprisingly, being next door to the third largest lake in Africa is not as convenient as one may think. The picturesque lake and the rivers that run into it are used as places to wash and go to the toilet. Human and animal contamination combined with the presence of Bilharzia and other parasitic infection makes the water dangerous to drink.

As Frag’s villages main water source, his family often became ill with waterborne diseases.  But this has changed now his community have partnered with Temwa  to bring better water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) to Livuwu. In one of Temwa’s community engagement meetings, his village was selected for the Water Filter Project and Frag was selected to be the chairperson of the new water committee. The communities receive basic WASH training to help prevent illness and the families are given subsidised water filters, all overseen by the water committees.

Frag attended pre-trainings on WASH and water filter usage, to understand how to assemble and maintaining the water filter. Many in his village go to him for help in assembling and fixing their water filters.

Since getting involved in the Water Filter Project, Frag and his family have not been sick, with water-borne illness, as they now have access to safe drinking water.

The message and knowledge of water and sanitation is now flowing through the community thanks to people like Frag.

His story, and other inspirational stories that we hear from Malawi, show us the power of when communities come together. 

You can be part of this and  help other families access clean water, become a regular giver today, and subscribe to our Temwa Monthlies to get more updates from the communities. 


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