Violet Ngumuya


In Malawi, secondary school education is not free. Subsequently only 25% of children go on to receive a secondary education. There is also considerable gender disparity – literacy rates are 20% higher in Malawian males, than females.

Violet is the recipient of a Nick Webber Trust Secondary School bursary. This has paid for her to attend secondary school, allowing her to continue studying without the worry of meeting payments.


Violet lives with her mother and father, who earn an income by growing and harvesting maize and beans. They were unable to support Violet financially when she was selected to attend secondary school, and twice during her first school year she was made to leave. During this time, Violet’s parents sold their property so that they could fund her studies, but this still did not provide enough money to cover the costs. Having to leave school severely affected Violet’s ability to keep up with her classmates, and caused her considerable embarrassment.

The Nick Webber Trust bursary has allowed Violet to remain in school, and has also helped pay for her materials whilst she’s there. She is now sitting her final examination; a huge achievement that will greatly improve her chances of finding a job. Violet’s parents are extremely happy with the progress that she’s made, and hope that her education will improve the vulnerable status of  the family.

Violet had this to say about her experience;

“Thank you Temwa for the support, and showing commitment to the rights of children in Malawi. I am soon sitting my final examination, which I am expected to pass with flying colours!”

If you would like to continue supporting education for young people like Violet, consider either fundraising or donating.

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