Thinking for the future

Ida Kawanga is a 34 year old Malawian woman. Her household includes her elderly mother, alongside two orphans. All together Ida’s household includes fifteen members, and Ida is the sole person supporting them. To make ends meet, she earns money through farming, as well as collecting and selling firewood.

Additionally, both Ida and her son are HIV positive. Living with a severe condition like HIV makes it even more challenging for Ida to care for her large family. Therefore, she got involved in the Nkhata Bay Natural Way (NBNW) project in September 2015. 


The NBNW is a combined project involving both agriculture and forestry. Alongside training on sustainable agriculture practices, we also grow trees in nurseries to reverse the effects of de-forestation on the local community. Ida wanted to become a part of the project, not only would she would have a steady source of income. But finally so that she could also afford basic commodities such as soap.

Although it is still early, Ida hopes that her participation will be able to alleviate some of her previous hardships. She is very happy to be part of the project and she is looking forward to even more support from Temwa so that she can benefit long-term. Ida has also been encouraging others to join the project so that they too will be able to better support their families and escape poverty.


Ida also became involved in our healthcare project since discovering she was HIV positive. However, the major challenge she still faces is hunger. With a large family to care for, Ida and her family will miss meals so that they can eat the next day. Also because both Ida and her son are HIV positive this impacts them even more. As it is very difficult to take their antiretroviral drugs without food.

Despite still facing many challenges, Ida would like to thank Temwa for the projects we provide in her community. As for the future, she hopes that;

“My children will get educated and become the leaders of tomorrow”

If you would like to support the work Temwa does for the people of Nkhata Bay North, please consider donating. Otherwise you could also attend one of our fundraising events.

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