How would you tell your friends something important? Davie’s Story


He has a message he wants to tell his friends that might just save their lives.

Davie lives in a remote village in northern Malawi. He goes to the local community Secondary School. It was here that he found out about AIDs Action Clubs. AAC’s educate students and support them to tell people about how to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDs. Davie knew very little about HIV before joining the club and wanted to know more. 

Students learn and raise awareness through singing, poetry and interactive dramas.

‘In the clubs, my favourite activity is the dramas’

Davie’s loves performing in the dramas. He says students have the opportunity to learn important messages from different situations, whilst having fun.

These performances are key to raising awareness in an area where one in six people are HIV positive.

For students, like Davie, living in remote communities means that getting tested or accessing health and counselling support to live positively with HIV is difficult. This results in many misconceptions about what HIV is and how it is spread. But by becoming a member of Temwa’s Aids Action Clubs, it has allowed him to learn more about sexual health protection and commitment to a partner.

The clubs help remove social stigma related to HIV and make big steps to stopping the spread. Through AACs, students are not afraid to get tested. And our mobile voluntary counselling and testing clinics that come to their villages allow them to do just that, without making a nine hour walk to the nearest health centre. 

His school’s AIDs Action Club first opened in 2015 and now has 40 students attending every week! They run assemblies for their classmates and talk to their peers about getting tested.  

Davie’s group does not just want to see positive change in his school.

They are passionate about sharing their message with the local community.

On World AIDs Day, the club hosted an open day with another seven schools. They shared the message with students who weren’t attending the clubs, so they too could learn about HIV protection.

We want to see more young people like Davie to be agents of change in their community.

You can support students to help prevent HIV/AIDs through a monthly donation.

Every £5 you give enables another student to get tested or £XX trains a club mentor. 

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