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Emily Chadza is a teacher with 21 years of experience. Teaching had always been her dream, and eventually became her passion. Emily originally taught in Malawi’s capital city, Lilongwe. She left that position when her husband was transferred to Chikwina, in Nkhata Bay North district. Emily joined her husband and is currently a teacher at the Chikwina Primary School, teaching Standard 2 pupils (generally 7 – 8 year olds, seen in the above photo).

“I like teaching and it was not by chance I became a teacher. When I was in primary school I was very happy when my female teacher picked me to answer a question and I was inspired by them. I am happy because my dream came true and I feel good when I see learners at a tender age reading passages.”

Although Emily tries to implement activities to promote literacy, she faces difficulty. Firstly, the class needs more resources such as alphabets charts and interactive flashcards. Secondly, due to the understaffing of schools, classes are now exceptionally large. Furthermore, Emily explained that this is a problem in all schools in Nkhata Bay North.

In order to promote reading and writing, Emily was chosen by the head teacher of the school to receive training from Temwa to support Early Grade Literacy (EGL) which provides a crucial foundation to a child’s education. The training would involve learning how to start an after-school EGL based club for pupils, and guidance on how to use new educational materials provided.

As a result of the training she received and the activities that have been held, Emily has noticed improvements. Pupils in her class are now able to identify and name letters, and this has improved performances in end of term exams. As Emily tells us;

“I am very happy because I like working with children and seeing them succeed. These days there is good progress and the pupils are making great achievements in class. This is an excellent project.”

She also has told Temwa of how beneficial the programme has been not only to herself or her pupils, but to her fellow teachers as well;

“Thanks Temwa for organising these activities, like the spelling bees at Chikwina, and for establishing this project. The early grade reading training was so helpful to me personally. The skills that I learnt during training, I have also passed on to my class learners and my co-workers.”

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