Seeds that feed: Meet Anthony

During Fairtrade Fortnight (25th Feb – 10th March 2019), we are celebrating the incredible work of the farmers from our communities who produce crops, spread the knowledge of farming methods, and even tackle deforestation along the way!

Alongside droughts and flooding in Malawi, deforestation has impacted communities in the North and the ability for farmers to grow crops. Without proper forest conservation, land becomes exposed and the nutrient-rich topsoil can be eroded. In turn, this can lead to farmers moving on and clearing new areas of forest, perpetuating the cycle. Find out below how one local farmer and his passion for seeds is combating this issue:

Meet Anthony:

Anthony Manda, 51, lives with his wife, three children and two grandchildren in Gonamo village in Northern Malawi. He is a key influencer in his local area, known for his commitment to sustainable farming and planting trees.

Changing his community

In 2017, he was trained by Temwa’s Agriculture and Forestry Programme (AFP) team in seed identification. He learned how to identify locally available seeds to use for tree-planting.

Now, Anthony gives his time as a Community Extension Volunteer, under the AFP.  He is combatting deforestation with the new skills he possesses. He works with other farmers and families in his village and neighbouring villages to contribute to reforestation and protect woodlands, help break the cycle of food-shortage, and create positive long-lasting change.

In the last growing season

He found different seeds within his community amassing in 1kgs of seed and bought 5000 polythene tubes. With these materials and inspiring his community to help, Anthony has filled 10,100 tubes – sowing their own pine seeds.

Looking to the future.

Antony owns two acres of land that he wants to cover with trees. His vision for 2018 was is to fill 20,000 tubes with locally-sourced trees. 10,000 trees will be planted on his land while the other 10,000 he plans on selling so that he can find money to buy more materials for 2019/2020 growing season.

Antony wants to thank everyone for the trainings he received through your support. He is now able to find seeds on his own and raise more trees to increase forest cover around his village. He said:

With Climate change impacting our livelihood, it is best that we, community members, are vigilant on afforestation and Forest Conservation

Anthony epitomises the overarching aim of our work with communities on building resilient livelihoods through sustainable farming, forest conservation and increased income from eco-friendly enterprises .

A big thank you to Anthony for all his hard work!

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