Sowing the seeds of change

Meet the women sowing the seeds of change in Malawi

In Malawi, like in many countries, women are disproportionately affected by poverty. Social and cultural barriers can make it harder for them to start businesses despite the fact that female-run businesses are more likely to have positive social impacts on their local communities. What is Temwa doing to help? Temwa’s support to Farmer Associations and Community Enterprises Temwa work with groups of women who want to run their own businesses. We support them with materials and training in leadership, crop production, business skills and marketing.

Sowing the seeds of change

The Temwanani Group In Usingini, a group of women were working hard to develop their tobacco business from the tobacco crops that they were growing locally. However, the changing prices of tobacco made it difficult to sell the little produce they were able to grow. On top of the difficulties that their business faced, they also had to deal with household responsibilities and look after their families. Sowing the seeds of change In 2018 the women contacted Temwa who they’d met at community engagement meetings. Because of the community-driven approach that Temwa uses, the Temwanani Group was keen to work with Temwa because it would allow them to be independent and they would be able to access support if or when they needed it. With Temwa’s support they began producing ginger. Ginger is a crop that is much easier to grow in the increasingly harsh conditions caused by climate change. Temwa provided the ginger seeds and trained the group to grow ginger commercially. Sowing the seeds of change “Temwa since 2018 has acted like a mother to us by taking us through crop production process, business management and group dynamics trainings, and we have been equipped with various skills to run our own businesses”

Paida Mhoni – Chairperson of the Temwanani Group

In an interview with the chairperson of the group, Paida Mhoni said that Temwa has empowered the group to be more productive and allowed them to have more power in the community. The group was able to produce 4 tins of ginger last year, double the weight that they planted!

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