A little help from my friend Gracious.

Gracious’ Story

The success of Temwa’s projects is down to people willing to go that extra bit further to make change happen in the communities we partner with. We have over 200 dedicated volunteers from within the communities in Malawi who help keep activities and services running after a project ends. There are also people who stand out and make an impact in their communities after receiving support. People like Gracious.

Gracious is 11 years old. He lives with his parents and two sisters in Chikwina, Malawi. His dad, who works at the local health clinic, taught Gracious english from a young age. This early start gave Gracious a passion for learning and he is first in his class. 

Gracious would regularly visit the library with his classmates but the choices were limited, so he had to stick to reading his curriculum books. However this all changed in 2018, when his school received a shipment of books through Temwa’s partnership with SchoolAid. Now the library has more books for all the students to enjoy and learn more about their favourite subjects. 

Gracious loves finding new books to read in the library and helps the librarian read to students who struggle. He often reads aloud to his friends and helps them to learn. Due to his good marks and commitment to supporting his friends, Gracious was made ‘library captain.’ He takes his role very seriously, helping his teachers with all library activities.  

His favourite subject is english and his favourite books are the science books, like the one he proudly holds in the photo above. Through reading more Gracious has found what he wants to do with his life. He plans to continue working hard in school and to one day have a university degree, telling the team:

“When I grow up I want to speak English, I also want to be a doctor”. 

Other libraries run through your support, see the work of the Usisya Community Library.

The Chikwina School library has new books but more training is needed for library staff and more desks and shelves, so students can study. Through your monthly giving and the kind book donations from School Aid, communities in Malawi can continue to run libraries that give children a better future.

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