‘I can now read’

Vinjeru Kamanga is 9 years old and attends Mbuyapi Primary School.

She first heard about Temwa’s Reading Camps during a school assembly. They provide essential spaces to learn for young children like Vinjeru whose classrooms are usually overcrowded.

Vinjeru joined her local Reading Camp, with encouragement from her parents, to improve her literacy as she was struggling to keep up with the pace of her lessons.

In Malawi, it is not uncommon for children to drop out of school if they’re struggling to understand lessons and help instead with household chores.

However, Vinjeru has showed great dedication since starting the Reading Camp and has only missed one session, due to sickness. Her commitment has paid off and her understanding and speed of reading has improved her performance at school!


Vinjeru excitedly says, ‘I can now read!’


Her parents have also noticed the improvements in her literacy skills and are happy to have a Reading Camp in their village.   

Through supportive parents and improved literacy, Vinjeru can stay in school, which gives her more opportunities for a better and safer future than many girls have in Malawi. The further girls get through their education, they don’t get married as young and are more likely to have fewer children. This often also means increased household income and the reduced risk of domestic violence. Reading Camps help to ensure that no child is left behind and allow Vinjeru and her friends to continue their education.

Vinjeru is already looking to the future. She is learning about different careers but she is not sure what she would like to specialise in. 

You can become part of our journey to transform futures of young girl’s in Malawi.  https://temwa.org/donate/



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