Charles Mtambo

Success in Agri-Forestry

In 2014, Charles Mtambo joined one of our agriculture projects. This trained him in sustainable farming techniques so that he could grow nutritious food for him and his family. Any excess produce he could also sell to earn an income.

Before receiving support from Temwa, Charles and his family were facing many challenges – they had a very low income and not enough food to keep them fed throughout the year.

On average, Charles had an annual income of 50,000 MKW, (the direct equivalent of about £55). He found it very difficult to pay hospital bills when family members were sick, he was unable to pay the school fees for his eldest son and often was unable to buy even the most basic of items like soap, salt and oil.

That has all changed. He now grows all sorts of crops such as maize, sweet potatoes, green beans, tomatoes and various fruits. The produce that he doesn’t use himself, he sells to the local supermarket, along with other farmers from his village. So not only is he able to provide his family with plenty of nutritious food, he is able to earn an income. He’s bought iron sheets for his roof to give him better protection during the rainy season, can afford basic provisions and now hopes to be able to send all his children to secondary school.

Charles had this to say to Temwa;

“I want to thank Temwa for the support they have given to our family. We have really experienced a very big positive change since I have been given training in good farming techniques. We are now able to have adequate food all the year round and I can even sell some of our vegetables and buy us things like iron sheets for our roof. Please keep on supporting other vulnerable households like mine.”

If you would like to support subsistence farmers like Charles, consider either fundraising or donating to us.

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