Never too old: Alister’s Story

Never too old

Being back at school in September may not fill you with excitement, but education has allowed Alister (now a businessman in Mbwana, Malawi) to change his life and his communities. Not only does his community now have a place for children to learn, but a place where adults can develop their own skills and find new ones. never too old 2

Alister has a wife and four children and two sons-in-law after two of his daughters married young. Alister runs a timber business and volunteers at a health centre. Unfortunately, Alister often experiences financial difficulty. His business had not been growing due to its seasonal nature and limited support for business. His income was unreliable and he faced uncertainty for his family’s future. 


However, this all changed when a community library was built with the support of Temwa. The library offers free computer lessons, a place for students to study and borrow books as well as using it as a place for health talks to take place, to help raise awareness in the community. Not only this, but the education programme allows for loans to be given to start up businesses. 


When Alister heard about this, he started going to the free computer lessons:

computer lessons help me to adapt to the changing environment as now we have to type our letters and business plans, and even make transactions using computers’.

Alister has found new opportunities for himself to explore like opening up his own shop. 

Knowing the value of education, Alister encourages his family to attend computer lessons with him. He believes that the skills they learn will be extremely valuable, and would have been amazing if his daughters had learnt them before they got married. However, he knows you are never to old to learn. The programme not allows for the development of skills but also develops self-confidence; 

This has helped me to increase my confidence to learn several other things. Now I know that I can learn a lot more as long as I have the opportunity and I put my heart into it.

never too old

Through your support we are able to partner with remote communities to bring about long-lasting change.

 “I thank Temwa for having these projects in Usisya. We wouldn’t have been able to access free computer skills. Furthermore, health education, the library and bursary has helped a lot of students. They should add more computers and books so that more people can be encouraged to attend and benefit”

By taking on a challenge or becoming a monthly giver, you are giving more families greater hope for the future. 

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