BikePark Wales joins Temwa Carbon Balance

Welcoming BikePark Wales to Temwa Carbon Balance.

We are delighted to announce that BikePark Wales has become our latest partner to become carbon balanced with Temwa. Check out this short film to see why BikePark Wales and world-famous Mountain Biker Laurie Greenland have chosen to balance their emissions with Temwa Carbon Balance.

A message from Temwa’s Co-founder, Jo…

“Temwa is so excited about the Temwa Carbon Balance partnership with BikePark Wales, the team at BikePark Wales really understand the importance of the work Temwa undertakes with it’s carbon balance project.

It’s not just about planting trees, it’s about supporting farmers in Northern Malawi to become food secure and generate income for themselves & their families through sustainable agriculture, it’s about protecting ancient forests and promoting biodiversity, it’s about rewilding a vast area of land, AS WELL AS planting trees.

It’s wonderful to have an influential organisation like BikePark Wales that fully understands how vital this work is. Globally we are facing a climate crisis, we have to act now, we all have to play our part, whether that is balancing the carbon we use or campaigning and influencing others. It’s great to see BikePark Wales taking action.”

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