The Big Give is LIVE

The 2019 Big Give Christmas Challenge is LIVE!

Starting today, you can help grow eco-friendly businesses in rural Malawi.
When you donate through the Big Give today, your donation will be doubled.
One Donation Twice the Impact.

Be part of the UK’s largest match funding campaign: Big Give Christmas Challenge 2019 with Temwa this week.

Double my Donation

Last Christmas, you helped over 156 families start up and develop 13 eco-friendly businesses through funding from the Big Give. That’s over 936 people living with higher income security.

This year, we invite you to support 13 businesses to flourish through production and marketing support so they can reach more buyers, earn a greater income and build stronger futures for their families.

Take me to the Big Give

“Thanks for all the support that Temwa gives me and the people in my community, I planted more in my farm and I expect high yields so I can have more food for myself and my family.”

People, like Joyce, are being equipped and empowered to increase their incomes, boost the local economy, and protect local forests through the Big Give.

What is the Big Give Christmas Challenge?

The Big Give is a one week online, match funding campaign that happens every Christmas.
This means when you donate £50, communities in Malawi get £100.

For the next week only, everything you donate is doubled and therefore goes further to help farmers and families join and develop community enterprises to pool resources, market produce, and earn a better income.


Last Year’s Impact + Looking Forward

Last year, 51 supporters raised a massive £43,321 to help farmers build eco-friendly businesses in rural Malawi. Thanks to your generosity, this has enabled us to train and and fund resources for 13 Farmer Associations and Community Enterprises, enabling them to start up and develop this year. Over 156 families have been empowered as part of the businesses – 86% of which have reported increased income and more varied livelihood options.

Your donations are not only helping households achieve higher incomes, they are actively combatting global climate change. Progress towards forest conservation is being achieved on huge scales. For example, beekeeping cooperatives in Usingini rely on flourishing forests to produce more honey, therefore their businesses provide a financial incentive to protect existing woodlands.

By getting involved in the Big Give 2019 your giving will provide marketing training, collective transport solutions, production machinery, and business workshops. All to help these businesses reach new buyers and obtain a higher return. With many of these 13 farmer enterprises primed to be scaled up, becoming self sufficient, you will help to directly transform the lives of over 930 people. Whats more is that the enterprises you help will boost the local economy and protect precious natural resources.

Support Usingini Beekeepers today

How do I donate?

Donate to our Big Give Page from now* until midday on the 10th of December.
Have your 3D secure card details ready when you make your donation.
Remember, please do not donate directly through Temwa’s website, during this week, as it will not be doubled.

(*Donating sooner rather than later raises Temwa’s profile on The Big Give, inviting new donors to help us reach our goal.)

Give Big Today

Support people like Joyce and local businesses like the Usingini Beekeepers
to grow this year, donate through The Big Give today.


 Looking for another way to get involved?

10 tickets left to this years Christmas Party on the 12th of December. Bringing communities together in both Bristol and Malawi.

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