Art for Africa success!


It has been two weeks since our inaugural Art for Africa Auction and there are many people we would like to thank including all those attended. It was a truly outstanding evening! We are very thankful to everyone who supported us in running our auction with a difference. Those who placed bids and bought raffle tickets, the volunteers who gave their time throughout the day and on the evening, the artists for their generous donations and live painting on the evening, The Attic our gracious hosts, Tom for being an excellent auctioneer as well as the DJ’s for providing their services pro bono! Another big thanks goes to Butter Fingers who served delicious dishes, as this year was the first year that the event was part of Bristol Food Connections Fringe Festival.


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Thanks to generous donations we were about to raise significant funds towards our projects. This included pieces from well renowned artists such as Xenz, The Toasters, Paris, Inkie, Mau Mau, Epok, Will Barras, Paul McGowan, James Starr and Andy Council. Bristol’s urban art scene also provided its talent in live painting and donated works; we would like to thank Andy Council, Lokey, Dicy, 3DOM, 45RPM and Sepr.


Fundraising is particularly pertinent for our projects as Malawi is currently experiencing extreme food insecurity with its worst food crisis in over a decade. The funds raised we will be used to buffer the affects of the crisis through our project work with the people of Malawi.


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