Strategic Plan

Temwa’s Strategic Plan 2021 – 2031

Our strategy to 2031 is aimed at fully achieving our vision of self-reliant communities that no longer need Temwa’s support. 

Our Principles

We are community driven. All the decisions we make are guided by the communities we serve. Communities decide what they need. We work with them to support the emergence of self-leadership and collective action.

We work towards self-reliance. We work to help communities realise long-term self-reliance, so that they can develop and thrive beyond our support.

We are committed to sustainable development, to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. This means protecting and improving the natural resources that communities depend on.

We believe in inclusive communities. This means valuing and incorporating the contributions of all members, regardless of age, gender, health or wealth. We work to ensure that the benefits of development are shared by all, leaving no-one behind.

Our relationships are built on integrity, openness, mutual accountability and professionalism. Our donors, partners, communities and staff can depend on our commitment to these values.

Implementing Temwa’s Community Driven Approach

We want to work towards fully achieving our vision of self-reliant communities that no longer need Temwa’s support.
A key part of this approach is strengthening local governance. We support collective engagement with local governance to help community members to see its value and purpose and to increase accountability. We will also directly build the skills of the local governance structures, so that they operate in line with their mandate and are able to lead on implementing their locally owned development plans.

Read more about this in Temwa’s strategic plan 2021-2031 here.

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